Respect the fcking distance

Last year, I was euphoric when I crossed that finish line at "The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2013". I had no expectations when I started. The whole 'full marathon' subscription itself being a mistake, I was just glad that I could crawl to the other side in one piece. I also made a conscious note that I'll be in better shape next year.

This year (at  TWCM14), the goal was to finish fairly comfortably. To be able to walk normally after crossing the finish line. I did not have any timing expectations. However, in the end, I felt completely defeated and broken. Inspite of all the buildup up to the run, the cramps returned with a vengeance, like clockwork, at 32k. The last 10k was an ordeal of getting my legs to listen to the brain. Yes, I was hydrated. Yes, I was well-fed on the right stuff. Did the icing, the spraying, the stretching. Nothing helped. The take-away is:
  1. Respect the fcking distance.
  2. "If you could do 30k comfortably, you could do 42k" is utter bullshit. If you want to do 42k comfortably, you should be able to do 50k comfortably on a training run.
  3. And again, respect the fcking distance.
So, forwarding the same "comfortable finish" goal to the next one.


Azhagu Selvan SP said...

Haha. But your timing has improved from last year. I have always had this doubt? Is there anyone out there who can _comfortably_ finish a marathon? From what I knew from very few people I have spoken, its always gonna be a painful, agonizing thing :)

Joe Steeve said...

Well, there are MANY people out there, who run multiple marathons a week :) I got a long long way to go.