running shoes

"Running shoes" are not the easiest to pick. You got to look through the options, do the research, find the right one, flirt with it to see how it responds, then take it out on the roads, until it finally blends in and it becomes "THE" shoe. It is like getting married. The random idiot who flicked my last pair, obviously wont see all that love that had gone into it. With the shoe gone, I was forced into the searching-flirting-dating-marrying cycle once more.

The ordeal of dealing with "over enthusiastic" salesmen should not be under-estimated. From "stability" to "bounce" to "support", the salesman will throw "vendor taught jargon" all over you. You know it well, that no matter what the price, what the jargon, what the technology, the shoe will eventually fall apart after 1000Km. If this is the 5th pair of shoes you are picking, you obviously have learnt it the hard way that, it does not fcking matter. Your opinion could vary depending on the type of snob you are. For me, the only things that matter are:
  1. Price
  2. Minimum heel to toe drop
  3. Roomy toe-box
  4. Durability
 (4) is THE most important. Because, I really dont have the patience to go through another round of the searching-flirting-dating-marrying cycle.

Armed with a decent bit of research on the models that fit my criteria, I hit every showroom of every vendor in Madras. Realisation dawned pretty quickly: "Big vendor shoes aint cheap. The base price is ~4K INR. At that base price, you get something that feels straight out of a plastic compression molding machine". And none of them fit my requirements (2) and (3). So, in spite of coughing up a lot of money, I should still compromise.

I am not in terms with the idea of buying clothing/apparel/shoes online. Given the situation, I decided to give it a shot anyway. Saw a well reviewed shoe on a discount sale on Flipkart. Before I could think twice, made the jump. At ~2.8K INR, the "Merrell Mix Master 2" fit my requirements (1), (2) and (3) perfectly. (4) should be figured over time.

Its been ~80Km.. the shoe is good :)