BSNL internet connection hates street lights?

I swear, that I am not effing kidding.

For the past one month, my BSNL Internet connection at home has been a PITA. It disconnects at around 18:00 and comes back online at around 6:00 (the next day), every day, like clockwork. My first guess was that the BSNL folks mis-configured my port or something. But Google brings up another theory:
People are complaining that the BSNL internet connection hates street lights. Some weird interference between the street light power cables and BSNL cables is affecting connectivity. I first laughed at the idea. However, seems like they do have a theory. My internet connection goes for a toss when the street lights come on. And, they are restored once they are off.

I dont think I can explain this to BSNL customer support without losing 10 years of my life because of sheer stress. Guess its time to call another ISP. Sigh :-/

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