FStival 2012, Software Freedom Day at Madurai

Another FStival. Another opportunity to talk about Free Software. Another bunch of lovely people. Another set of interactions. Another day full of new experiences. Awesomeness :)

I dont know how the rest of the (cough) 'speakers' treat presentation slides. To me, its just a bunch of reminders to keep me from losing track of what I am talking (which I happen to do a lot :-/). It really does not have any content in it. However, people keep asking for a copy of these presentation slides. So, well.. here it is, the 5+ year old presentation.


Guruprasad said...

Joe, the correct spelling is FStival. You've spelt it as FSTival in the first sentence :-) Btw, did you take any snaps during the event?

Joe said...

@guruprasad: My bad. Will correct it. No, I did not take any pictures. We need to collect them from the TCE folks.

Unknown said...

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