Time to love LaTeX again

Three documents a week may not be that big a deal to most people. But to me, it is hell. From keybindings for normal editing to taming templates to work nice, has made me cringe and cry at every corner. Yes, I am an old timer. Yes, I cannot unlearn my Emacs keystrokes. Yes, I hate to have to reformat whole files again because a template change will not affect documents in progress. The only reason I chose to use for work related documents was, I did not want to write documents for ever. I hoped to delegate that to someone at some point. But, in three years the situation had not changed and I dont see it changing for another year atleast.

So, its time to love LaTeX again folks :)

After half a day of refreshing on long forgotten LaTeX skills, and another day on creating a style file, PROFIT. And, best of all, I just need to change one line in the document to get  a PDF without the logo, etc. which is already on the letterhead.


Noorul Islam K M said...

Use LaTeX export ( in orgmode (

Joe said...

@noorul: Taming LaTeX to work with my workflow is easier than org-mode. I do use org-mode for note-taking though. I have created a style file with LaTeX which I can reuse for all my documents. And, I can share with colleagues too. Works for me :)