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With a little (gender) modification, this would make an awesome valentine's card :)


Philips Spark SA2SPK04K quirks

It has been quite a while with this stupid music player, and I am compelled to bitch about it.

ID3 tag problems: This player supports ONLY ID3v2.3 with charset "Western ISO-8859-1". I dont think it understands the iconv '//translit' etc., so you'll have to disable them in EasyTag.

Play mode: I listen to whole albums. I hate mixing songs from different albums. I hate it if the songs in an album are not played in "track number order". Oh, I hate create playlists all the more. This player simply does not have any straight forward way to do this. :-/ Eventually, I had to resort to:

- Tag all the songs under one single genre
- On the player choose "play all albums" under "this" genre :-/

Song database update: The player looks only for "filename" changes to build its database. It completely ignores modification time changes :-/ So, every time I fix the tagging, I'll have to move all the music into another folder in order to force the player to update its database.

Living with some dumbass's follies. Sigh!


Dilbert, its not COBOL.. sigh!

Here is the video (at 1:07).
Asok: Its COBOL.. I learnt about it in school

No Asok, that aint COBOL. :-/ And, "GetMarkScheib'sHeight" is an invalid C/C++ symbol. :-/

P.S 1: An interesting remark by Dr.Edsger Dijsktra: "The use of COBOL cripples the mind; its teaching should, therefore, be regarded as a criminal offense" [link] (thanks to Wikipedia :))


Let the product/company speak for itself, Finacle, Infosys

Bank of Baroda uses Infosys's Finacle product. No matter what you try, some parts of the application will not work with any browser other than "Microsoft Internet Explorer". And Infosys's professionalism, well..

Lets not get into the numbers (moolah) involved.. mind boggling. Sigh!