"A veiled affair" at alliance francaise

The play, "a veiled affair", was not bad at all. I dropped in coz I was completely jobless and had nothing better to do. But, it turned out to be good fun. Loved "Amora" and "Whiny" :D

All went well until I had to run out just before the ending, for a bladder-blow-out-prevention :-/



Mahesh said...

you lost your job???? or you didn't had much work to do..

Mahesh alias pachai(TCE)

Joe said...

@mahesh: Well, I'll have to fire myself to lose my job :P I am recovering for workaholism. So, strictly no working on weekends. :)

Balachandran S said...


No working on weekends ? Never knew you write scripts for stories ;)

Joe said...

@balachandran: Er.. what? I went and saw a play.. did not write one. bah!