Emacs keybindings in GNOME Evolution's composer

I found myself searching on this, for the third time now. So unbelievably simple, but still not documented anywhere on the Internet. :-/
  1. Run 'gconf-editor'.
  2. Browse to "/desktop/gnome/interface/can_change_accels" and enable it.
  3. Browse to "/desktop/gnome/interface/gtk_key_theme" and set it to "Emacs".
  4. Start Evolution and open a new message.
  5. Hover your mouse over the 'menu items' whose key-bindings interfere with the normal Emacs world bindings (e.g: Print, Copy, Search, ...) and press "Del". This will 'unbind' those shortcuts from those menus.
  6. Enjoy "Ctrl+N", "Ctrl+P".. etc in the composer.
  7. Bless me

PS-1: Lately I noticed that the bindings were getting reset every once in a while, randomly. A "chmod u-w ~/.gnome2/accels/evolution" seems to have fixed the problem.

PS-2: This does not work in GNOME Evolution 3.x. Try this instead..


L.Guruprasad said...

This must work in other Gnome apps too right (with some more appropriate modifications) since you are modifying the GTK key theme?

Joe said...

@guru: Yes it should work with other GNOME apps also, as long as they have not hard-coded the acceleration keys.