humanity, the godly property

On the way, the silly bike decides to stall at 3k before home. And, the rain was still pouring. Kick. Kick. Kick.. no use. It was already 22:15. Drenched to my bones, the only options were to curse everything possible and start pushing the bike home.

This passing by biker, equally drenched stops and enquires. Attempts his luck at the kick-start. With no results, says, "Hop on, I'll tow you home". And, he tows me all the way home. I thank him and invite him over for a coffee. He replies, "Its alright. Wont you help someone stuck, when you can? Its just that". I was touched. Humanity, still exists. :)


S said...

just outta curiosity, how do you tow a bike with another bike??

Nature said...

Must be simple, put your hand on his shoulder.
Joe: you just owe some good somewhere!

Joe said...

@S: One biker (the one who is towing) pushes the other bike (the one being towed) with his right leg. :)

@DB: Dai.. this is not a cycle :P .. Yeah, I owe some good somewhere :)

Nature said...

@Joe LOL :D