The brownies at fabindia

Lately, I was accompanying a friend for shopping, and landed at the Fabindia store near Elliots beach. They had this huge bar of 'fudgy chocolate brownie' at their cash counter and I was thinking aloud with skepticism :P This friend, insisted that I try it and made me get one. A bar (190 gms) cost 100 bucks.

The first bite nailed me. It was 'my god' THE best brownie I have ever had. I finished that entire bar, but for one small piece which I had to share :-S, and ran back into the store to get the other last bar they had. It was unbelievably good, and unbelievably CHEAP.

It does not seem like a fabindia product, coz the label does not mention anything related. It just says "Indulgence Fudgy Chocolate Brownies" and no address :-/ Shyte.


Unknown said...

Oh thats starnage fab india selling brownies cool . will try it out .

Joe said...

@ashok: I think its just that particular fabindia..

shree said...

sms indulgence fudgy chocolate brownies at 9841077449

Joe said...

@shree: aw..