Another music player

So, on one forgetful day, I had forgetfully drowned my Sansa Clip music player. I cursed myself enough for it. I really hoped that it would come back to life, but it did not. And then started, those nightmarish days of driving without music. My blood pressure kept going high. There was a constant cloud of frustration around me. Even the doctor mentioned that my life-expectancy dropped by 30%. The pay-cheque was playing hardball, so had to wait for a while before I can fix all this.

But then, when I started visiting the stores, it was even worse. Ritchie street (the electronic market in Madras) fellows even claimed that Sandisk buried their loss making 'portable music player' division. And I, this desperate fool trying to locate that Sansa Clip+, was a source of good humor for these guys. Shyte.

Many people have suggested a dozen other players to me. The most famous one being the iPod. :) God. In this day and age, a simple small portable player, with separate volume keys, separate 'next, forward, pause/play' buttons, with a sturdy clip, with a simple text interface to show what is playing (no major jing-bang), with support for OggVorbis, which can play albums as albums, seems impossible to find.

Then, I cut my requirements a bit and decided to pick one of the best that is out there. And, to find a way to live with it. Sigh. So, now.. its a Phillips Spark. It is not bad. It is not great. I can live with it. It has its own set of quirks which makes me swear a dozen times a day.. but definitely better than having nothing.

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L.Guruprasad said...

Ordered myself a Sansa clip zip reading this :)