Saw the mention of 'EHLO' in a friend's blog, on an unrelated post. Took me back to the last couple of years at Karunya.

I remember how I used to read and reply to so many emails by 'telnet'ing into, and reading using RETR. It used to be so slow coz half the college is sitting there chatting/browsing/*. And I was too paranoid to pull email down onto to that box, which happened to be the college's secondary DNS server :P And all this in the middle of a lab session from some corner in the college :D

Hmm. Things have changed so much. These days kids carry laptops. They dont have to fight for shell accounts. They dont have to nose around the college network to find a way to the IRC channel. I dont think they even care. Shyte.

Frisbee soccer

Watched a game at elliot's for the first time. Looked like an unofficial inter-apartment tournament :P Was good fun :)


Useless parts of education

When was the last time you had an use for one of those stupid 30+ tirukurals you learnt every year, back in school? Or for all that intensive Tamil grammar? Not only was it painful, also was a complete waste of time and effort.

No, it gave me zero values. So, forget about that aspect.

That syllabus just stands to prove that "All your children are poor unfortunate victims of systems beyond their control".

I'll give it one credit, however. It definitely trained me in the art of selective-amnesia, the capability to forget things when I don't have a need for them. :P