looks like the knee is fine afer all

Over the last few weeks, the knee hasnt thrown a tantrum. I had to bring my weekly mileage down a lot in order to pamper it. I'm hoping its safe now to try pushing up the pace and get back on track..


Creative's "Creative Warranty"

Creative Limited Hardware Warranty ("Creative Warranty")
Creative warrants that the accompanying product is free from material or workmanship defects ...blah..blah... However this Creative Warranty does not cover (but not limited to) normal wear and tear, abnormal usage, ...blah..blah... unauthorised modifications or repair, damages arising from an Act of God and theft. ...blah..blah... Thank you.

ROFLMAO :) I am really curious about what they mean by "damages arising from an Act of God" :)

Other similar:



c++, still learning..

c++ standard, section 8.5.3/5:
A reference to type “cv1 T1” is initialized by an expression of type “cv2 T2” as follows: ... blah ... blah ..
— Otherwise, the reference shall be to a non-volatile const type (i.e., cv1 shall be const). [Example...

This one cost me 32 hrs of digging in gdb, google, etc. and finally had to hit IRC to figure out. Shyte.


sincere wives :P

An excerpt from a sex education book for girls, printed in the early 60s in the UK.