Chennai Sangamam

I was dropping by the Elliot's beach last evening, and was surprised by some guitar riffs and drum rolls :) They are playing rock at 'Chennai Sangamam'. I felt so touched that, finally, 'rock' is recognized as part of Chennai's culture. I'm having this sudden rush of 'belonging' :)

Rainbow bridge at Chennai Sangamam


'IT returns' phish

Uber cruel phishers.

The link points to some arbid site.. :-/


I eat your chicken :)

Venue : KFC, Nungambakkam high road.

me: [munching on the last piece of chicken]
chic-two-chairs-away: [staring at the heap of bones on my plate with disbelief/disgust/*]
me: I'll flick your chicken if you dont eat it quickly..
chic: Well, you can have it if you are that hungry. [jokingly]
me: Oh, thank you. Thats very sweet of you. [with a broad smile, helped myself to a piece of her 'boneless snacker']
chic: [does not know what to do/say/*. continues staring speechless.]
me: [nod. walk away.]