National ID Cards, Ye :)

India to launch 'ID card' scheme

The Indian government has begun moves to provide a Unique Identification (UID) number to its citizens, the central government has announced.

Cards?? What the fuck. Why cant they just put an RFID chip into everyone's head? What a total lack of creativity. Shyte.

Hopefully, in another five (or fifty) years I would not have to carry a dozen documents to prove who I am. And, please please dont fck it up like that (joke of a) voter's id-card.


Issac said...

I know you detest religions. Thats why I am writting this things. Hope you love philosophers. Some philosophers are prophets. I think I can see Jesus christ as a Prophet as well as a great Philosopher... Years back I went through your website. You mentioned that you are a follower of St..... (I forget his name)..

Why so many jimmicks... Bible says about the mark of the beast.... Some of the philosophers believe that the microchip or verichip is the MARK (666). I don't know. Please gothrough the below link...

c0le said...

LOL. Watch out for my next post. :)

c0le: still searching.. / Dumbest fucking read of the day. said...

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