National ID Cards, Ye :)

India to launch 'ID card' scheme

The Indian government has begun moves to provide a Unique Identification (UID) number to its citizens, the central government has announced.

Cards?? What the fuck. Why cant they just put an RFID chip into everyone's head? What a total lack of creativity. Shyte.

Hopefully, in another five (or fifty) years I would not have to carry a dozen documents to prove who I am. And, please please dont fck it up like that (joke of a) voter's id-card.



And then I totally surprise myself with a full 11.2km in 61min 31secs. The walk back home was the weirdest feeling. Legs were worked out beyond pain, and felt like i was floating :P



You dont call it 'workoholism' when you dont have a choice do you?

I saw the dusk last evening from my desk. I ran a 8k in the middle of the night just to make sure my limbs havent ceased to function because of lack of movement. More than three liters of coffee has gone down. And, I am still at the desk looking at dawn break wide open, reminding me that time is running out. Every crossed out task opens up two more new ones. At the exponential rate its growing, seems like there is no end. Maybe I should just stop being a perfectionist. Maybe I need someone to tell me that I am at the raw end of the deal, and perfectionism is just not what is required at the moment. But that glitch is such a sore to the eye. And, if my brain simply wont move coz of it, am I to blame. OCD?

Havent cleaned my room in weeks. Have been missing phone calls, weddings of friends. Havent replied to emails.