Cut myself open wide
Reach inside
Help yourself
To all I have to give
And then you help yourself again
And then complain that
You didn't like the way
I put the knife in wrong
You didn't like the way
My blood spilled on your brand new floor


work, compromises, etc.

Another twelve hours to pack my bags to Ooty for the hash. A well deserved break after some mad working frenzy over the past couple of weeks. But, with the deadline still looming around the corner, I am quite unsure what to do.

I dont want to miss the break. I dont want to miss the deadline. Does it justify to flex the deadline a bit if it got so stressed up for no fault of mine? Can I even shrug it off when it is me who is responsible for it? Should I compromise the break to keep the deadline which I doubt will still be met. :-S I dont want to keep compromising every single thing. But, this is my one last opportunity. And, I do not want to regret later.

Shyte. What do I do now :-S

Three pots of coffee have gone since 2:00, and a tangible result still seems far away.