Debian and the rest of the world

I remember Redhat 7, Guinness. Then 'valhalla'. And then 'Shrike'. Ofcourse there were these intermediate flirtations with Slackware. And, then I touched Debian 'woody'. And, have not gone back to anything else. I remember desperately waiting for 'sarge' release. And then 'etch' release. And then 'lenny' release.

I am not quite sure as to why I am in love with this distribution. I thought it was the stability. I thought it was the package manager. I thought it was the ease of use. I thought it was the flexibility. But figured that, I just cant point to one good reason and say thats why I am stuck to debian. Looks like I am just too emotionally attached to it :P Looks like I am in love with it :)

So, why am I ranting all of a sudden? I am watching an 'apt-get dist-upgrade' happen without a single fuss, without a single tantrum. Oh it is such a pleasure. :)

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