From 'twitter' to ''..

The thing that got me hooked on to twitter was the ease with which I could update from a simple XMPP client. But then twitter's XMPP updation service broke. I waited and waited. Things never got back to normal. I tried using the thirdparty XMPP gateways to twitter. They were good.. just not good enough. And, then I discovered It runs on a Free Software uBlogging server called 'laconica'. Not bad at all. It works good.

Most of my friends are on twitter. So, it would be slightly lame to ask all of them to move over to But for me, I am done with twitter. I still will be following up with people on twitter. But, no more of tweeting.. just denting :P


L.Guruprasad said...

Then Facebook happened? ;)

Joe said...

Facebook was always around. Most of the people I follow are on Twitter. So, back on twitter :-/