git bit me.. yet again.

Moving 'bases' from the local git-svn repository over to was quite enlightening. The local git-svn repository was pointing to a SVN repository which could not be accessed. git-format-patch converted the git-svn repository into a series of patches, and git-am happily applied those patches onto the new git-svn repository at

In fact a simple fetch+rebase in the new git-svn repo would have done the magic. But, I had to lose the git-svn-id tags that every commit log had. Lucky that there were only 32 revisions. Else I would have had to read the 'sed' manual which I have been carefully avoiding for a long time now :P

From 'twitter' to ''..

The thing that got me hooked on to twitter was the ease with which I could update from a simple XMPP client. But then twitter's XMPP updation service broke. I waited and waited. Things never got back to normal. I tried using the thirdparty XMPP gateways to twitter. They were good.. just not good enough. And, then I discovered It runs on a Free Software uBlogging server called 'laconica'. Not bad at all. It works good.

Most of my friends are on twitter. So, it would be slightly lame to ask all of them to move over to But for me, I am done with twitter. I still will be following up with people on twitter. But, no more of tweeting.. just denting :P

Finally split 'official' and 'personal'

There was this silly confusion about what ID I was using for official work and personal work respectively. Just sat down and fixed the damn thing. Had to reshuffle projects on and juggle around IDs with launchpad. But now it is set right, and I am happy :)


I want timestamps :(

Grr. Silly 'plaintxt' theme is not showing the time-stamp :(

No i am not dead yet..

Yep, I am very much alive. :)

Just saw my bank balance drop to a three digit mark. Sighed. Smiled. Had a coffee watching the night sky. I know rescue is a phone call away. But, I am not giving up yet. Just not yet. I am gonna go through this thing to see how far it can get. Just so that I know I can get there, and still smile.

Getting back to work.